The Author

John Dingley grew up on a hill farm in Mid Wales and now lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. He has been called a renaissance man who has shown a variety of notable talents. His love of nature has involved him in a major role for wildlife reintroduction. His love of theatre has led to performances in a variety of roles, both in Wales and around the Mid West

A noted storyteller and singer he can occasionally be discovered performing his one man show, “John Dingley and the Biggest Pack of Lies You Ever heard”.

He is a master glass cutter and engraver as well as being an accomplished stonemason.

This is Johns first written work of fiction and he is currently working on the second and third books in the series; “Marged Evans and the Pebbles of More Time and Marged Evans and the Pebbles of Distance”.

John takes a major interest in urban agriculture, sustainable agriculture and permaculture and has spent time teaching urban young people in the efficient use of gardening and agricultural hand-tools.  His nonfiction book “Hard Work in Paradise – When all our food and lives were organic” will be published soon.