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The Timeless Cavern
The Timeless Cavern

What is the Timeless Cavern? It is a place where there is no time and no sensation of it passing.

Who is in the cavern? People from all ages and animals of all kinds.

How does one get the cave to open deeper? There are three ways to enter the cave through the main entrance. 1. Run into the cave in great fear. 2. To have been struck by lightning and survived or suffered a powerful electric shock. 3. A person under the age of sixteen.

Who is in charge of the cave?  A cave keeper called Caradoc.

How does one get out of the cave?  To exit the cave the Time Stones have to be arranged in order for the right date to exit on. This rarely works correctly because over geological time the caves mountain has moved disrupting accuracy.

Who is Marged Evans?  Marged Evans is the eleven year old daughter of the family that owns the land where the cavern is situated.

How does Marged recalibrate the Time Stones?  With a ruler and a long running digital watch, that she leaves outside the cave.

Does Marged have a nemesis?   Yes, the Stumpy Man who is constantly trying to disrupt her efforts to help people.

Does Marged have help from others?  Absolutely. She has help from three key individuals, “The Lady Buttercup”, Rhys Edwards” and “David Taylor”.

Are Marged and her helpers able to help people find their right time outside the cave? Most of the time they succeed on the first try, however because of things beyond their control several attempts may have to be made.